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Valentine's Day Tradition
Valentine's Day festival is celebrated as the Festival of Love. One of the most important Valentine's Day tradition is to express love to one's beloved with an exchange of cards, flowers, chocolates and other special gifts of love. Those who have still not opened their heart to their beloved choose the auspicious occasion of Valentine's Day to propose to their beloved.

Spending Time with Beloved
A popular Valentine's Day custom is to spend the day in the company of one's beloved. Therefore on February 14, parks, malls and eating joints are thronged by smartly dressed couples holding hands and expressing love to their sweetheart.

Organizing Valentine's Day Parties
In several countries clubs, hotels and social groups organize Valentine's Day get together and balls for the love-struck couples. These have become hugely popular as it gives an opportunity for the couples to dance and dine together in a romantic environment. Many people also organize private Valentine's Day parties for their friends. This could either be for couples or exclusively for singles.

Exchanging Valentine's Day Gifts
One of the most important traditions of Valentines Day is to exchange gifts with one's loved ones. This tradition is being further promoted by gift marketers who run a rigorous campaign days before the festival to project the festival as an occasion to pamper one's beloved by means of expensive and unique gifts. Special discounts are announced to further lure the people too ready to go out of their way to express love to their special someone.

Wishing Valentine's Day to Everyone We Love
One recent change noticed in the Valentine's Day custom is that apart from being celebrated as a romantic festival, it has come to be celebrated in a platonic way too. Today, Valentine's Day is seen as the festival that celebrates love in all its manifestations. Hence, people exchange Valentine's Day greetings with mother, father, grand parents, siblings, friends, co-workers or anyone a person is close to.
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