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Valentine’s Day Cards
Valentine’s Day Cards are a popular medium of expressing love and affection for special one! Know more about trends and history of Valentine’s Day Card in this page dedicated to the Valentine’s Day Card. Also read about Valentine’s Day Card ideas to increase the impact of your Valentine Greeting.

First Valentines Day Card
The first written Valentine’s Day Card is attributed to Charles - Duke of Orleans, who following capture at the Battle of Agincourt in 1415, wrote a poem to his wife while imprisonment in the Tower of London. The greeting has been preserved by British Library.

Valentines Day Card History
In the Middle Ages lovers sang or said verses to their Valentines. The tradition of written Valentine Greetings started after 1400 and became quite common by the sixteenth century. Manufactured cards adorned with traditional symbols like Cupids and hearts became popular towards the end of eighteenth century. In early 1800s Valentine Cards were made by factory workers when black and white pictures were painted by them. Though by the end of the century, the cards were manufactured by machines and were adorned with gold leaf, satin, lace and flowers. They soon became a popular medium of expressing love as the cost of the cards reduced due to the advancement in the printing technology. In the early 1900’s Norcross - a card company began to manufacture Valentines Day Cards. Others followed and the popularity of the cards soared over the years.

Valentine’s Day Cards Sales
Card companies do a fantastic business on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. It is estimated that Valentine’s Day is the second largest card-giving holiday in US. In India too, the popularity of Valentine Day Card is increasing at a phenomenal pace every passing year.

Sales records confirm that Valentine’s Day is not restricted to romantic couples only. In order of popularity Valentine’s Day card are given to teachers, children, mothers, wives and sweethearts. Of these women receive little over half of all Valentine’s Day Cards sold. As most Valentine’s Day Cards are hand-delivered last minute shopping is usually the norm.

Valentine’s Day Card Ideas
Myriad variety of Valentine’s Day Card available in the market might overwhelm you so take your time while selecting the card. Do not make it a last minute buy as you might not be able to select the perfect card in a short time span.

To give a greater impact to your Valentine Card try to personalize the Card. Use the blank page of card to write a heartfelt poem or to recollect the moments you spent together. You may also paste a picture of your togetherness to make it even mushier. Another fantastic idea would be list out reasons why you love your Valentine or highlight the positive qualities in him/her. After all, everybody loves being praised and appreciated and when a lover does so it sounds more credible and touching. Spray a little perfume to make him/her crazier about you.

Valentine’s Day E-Cards
In this jet fast technologically advanced age Valentine Day E-Cards are becoming increasingly popular. Lovers find it convenient to express their feelings through a click of the mouse facility of e-cards. Sensing the increasing demand E-Card companies come up with huge variety of cards expressing range of emotions on the occasion of Valentine’s Day. Use of Flash and Java technology makes e-cards more attractive and expressive.
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