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Rakhi Greeting Cards
Greeting Cards are an extremely popular means of sending good wishes to siblings on the occasion of Rakhi. Traditionally, sisters staying away from their brother on Raksha Bandhan send Rakhi by post and to give words to their feelings they enclose a Rakhi greeting card. Earlier, Rakhi was accompanied by a hand written letter but in this jet age people find it convenient to express their warm wishes with the help of ready to send cards. These days Rakhi Cards come in various moods describing the soft emotions felt by brothers or sisters for their siblings on Rakhi Festival.

Rakhi Cards with Rakhi
The latest trend in Rakhi Cards is Rakhi attached with Rakhi Cards. Some also have the traditional Roli-chawal in small pouch. This ‘Rakhi Card package’ saves a lot of time of the sisters, as they do not have to shop separately for Rakhi and Rakhi Cards. Paper Rakhi Cards with Rakhi look smart, trendy and helps to touch sibling’s heart with grace.

Online Rakhi Cards
In this technologically advanced internet age more and more brothers and sisters are using online Rakhi Cards to send good wishes to siblings. Most Online Card companies provide wide range of free Rakhi e-cards giving people an inexpensive, instantaneous and interesting option to express affection on the festival of Raksha Bandhan.

Ideas on Making Handmade Rakhi Cards
For those who wish to add a personal touch to Rakhi Card here are a few interesting ideas for making handmade Rakhi Cards. You may take inspiration from these ideas and make an innovative and special Rakhi Card for your sibling.

Moli-Frame Card

Things Needed
Handmade Card Paper
Moli / Kalawa
A small carved Ganesha / Swastik
Paint - red and yellow


  1. Cut a paper in desired size. 7 " x 11" is ideal.
  2. Fold the paper from the middle.
  3. Leaving ½" border, paste the moli-thread making a rectangle, the size of this rectangle may vary as per your design visualization.
  4. Line with a decorative border on the inside using red and yellow colors.
  5. Paste the motif of Ganesha or Swastika a little off center towards top and write 'Happy Raksha Bandhan' or similar short message below the motif.
  6. If you wish to give it a more contemporary look, you can use a lace or a ribbon instead of moli. You can use pressed flowers or reeds as the center motif. Some relevant picture cut outs can also be used.
  7. Write your message on the inside of the card.
  8. Enclose the card with rakhi, tika and rice.

Beads and Embroidery Card

Material Required
Paper card sheet
Colored embroidery threads
Sewing needle
Glass beads
Tracing paper


  1. Cut the card paper in the desired size and fold it from the center.
  2. Trace the pattern on the front side of the card.
  3. Embroider on the pattern lines. Stitch the beads wherever desired. You can also paste the beads instead of stitching.
  4. Write the Rakhi message with the help of marker or embroidery.
  5. Stick a Rakhi on the inside along with a small pouch of roli-rice.
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