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History of Wedding Anniversary
Anniversary is a special occasion that celebrates the union of two human beings who lovingly share their joys and sorrows together. An anniversary symbolizes the timelessness of love. We owe our thanks to our forefathers who developed this beautiful idea of celebrating anniversaries. History of wedding anniversary reveals that in the beginning idea behind celebration of anniversary was to de-stress and break the monotony of everyday life. However, it is gladdening to note that the concept beautifully developed into the tradition of rekindling the feeling of love every year with a promise to fortify marital vows with trust and affection.

Need for Celebrations
Man has been a social animal since the beginning of civilization and has always welcomed an excuse to celebrate. In the beginning of the social and cultural life human beings began to celebrate the change of season but that was not enough. They wanted celebrations to go on round the year. So they began to celebrate wedding anniversaries too. At that time the date of anniversary was easier to remember as there was no individual ceremonies. A big get together was organized about twice a year and all the eligible bachelors were paired off with unmarried girls of marriageable age. The idea became an instant hit with the people. This simple tradition changed when individual marriage ceremonies began to take place.

Beginning of Milestone Anniversaries Celebration
In the medieval times only milestone anniversaries like 25th and 50th were celebrated. To mark the occasion of Silver or 25th wedding anniversary a husband would crown his wife with a wreath of silver. Likewise, he presented her a wreath of gold on a Golden or 50th wedding anniversary.

By middle-to-late 1930s, people began to celebrate 1st, 10th, 20th and 70th anniversary along with 25th and 50th. A gift for each of these milestone anniversary years was also decided by the society. The logic of presenting gifts was that stability deserves a reward and more the stability the greater should be the reward.

Celebration of all Wedding Anniversaries
Today, of course, people celebrate each year of the anniversary. Some even go to the extent of celebrating the landmarks days of their anniversary like 100 or 1000th day of their anniversary. In present times there are clearly defined list of traditional and modern gifts for each anniversary year. There is also a set list of stone gifts by anniversary yearand a list of flowers by anniversary.

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