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Since time immemorial, people have utilized the beauty and fragrance of flowers to express love and affection to dear ones. Flowers are even used as gifts to greet people on festivals and several occasions like Birthdays, Anniversary and New Year or even when invited at somebody’s home. One can also use flowers as gifts just to say ‘Sorry’ or ‘Thank You’. On such occasions, even a single flower is more effective as a gift than anything else for romantics believe that it’s tough to find a gift that parallels the beauty and fragrance of a fresh flower. Those stuck by Cupid’s arrow swear that nothing conveys ‘I love you’ more beautifully than a gift of single red rose bud.

Sensing the growing demand of Flower Gifts, florists and designers prepare range of bouquets and flower arrangements to lure people on different festivals. Florists advise that one must be selective in their choice of flower gifts as different flowers convey different meanings. Besides, there are some traditionally defined flowers for different festivals like roses for Valentine’s Day and carnations for Mother’s Day.

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