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Diwali Greeting Cards
Diwali Greeting Cards are a popular means of wishing Diwali to friends and relatives especially those staying away from us. In fact at times, Diwali Greeting Cards is the only thing that gives people a sense of togetherness and bonding with loved ones. This factor assumes all the more importance on Diwali as it is the biggest festival in India and one wish to celebrate with people close to them.

Diwali Card Patterns
Diwali Cards come in interesting patterns and designs. They are adorned with the traditional symbols of the festival such as diya, candles, rangoli and crackers. Pictures of Goddess Lakshmi and Lord Ganesha is another popular theme for Diwali Cards. These come with messages that wish people happiness and prosperity for the coming year.

Online Diwali Greeting Card
As more and more people are getting hooked to net it is becoming quite popular to send online Diwali Cards to dear ones. To cater to the growing Diwali E-Cards market, online card companies come up with range of innovative and attractive cards to lure the consumers. Sparks, glitter and illumination of Diwali are effectively highlighted through the use of Java and Flash technology. These help to add humor to cards and make recipients laugh and smile. Most online cards companies provide the facility to send Diwali e-cards for free giving people a convenient and inexpensive option to send Diwali wishes to loved ones.

Make Your Own Diwali Greeting Card
To add that special personal touch to Diwali wishes many people especially little ones love to send hand-made greetings to dear ones. Here are a few ideas to help you makes a special Diwali Greeting Card. You may use your own creativity to enhance the idea and come up with an enchanting Diwali Greeting.

Mosaic Card

Things Needed:
Colourful Paper
  1. Cut squares of colorful construction paper into small bits.
  2. Store each color in a separate section of an egg carton.
  3. Next, fold a 9" X 12" sheet of black construction paper in half. On the front of the resulting card, use a pencil to sketch a simple Diwali picture
  4. "Color" the sketch by gluing the construction-paper pieces, mosaic-style, on the card. Glue sticks work best for this step. Position the pieces so that small amounts of black can be seen between them, resulting in a stained glass look.
  5. Finally, glue a white piece of paper inside the card; use a fine-tipped marker to write a Diwali message.
Fabric-Picture Card

Things Needed:
Any heavy stock paper (manila folder, mail envelopes or old cards)
Fabric scraps
Glue stick

  1. You may use recycle old heavy paper items such as the poster-board that was used because the paper will be covered anyway. Use an opened card by tracing around it to obtain your card stock
  2. Fold the heavy paper into a card.
  3. Turn a fabric scrap over to the wrong side and trace the outline of the card. Cut out this piece.
  4. Cut out a picture that will show through the window of your card, place it on the card-size fabric and trace the outline. Remove that small area from the fabric.
  5. Trace the window area from the fabric onto the card. Now, cut that area out of the card stock.
  6. Attach the photo to the card stock with a glue stick, then attach the fabric to the card stock. This will give your card depth and dimension.
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