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Birthday Gift Ideas
We all love to pamper our loved ones on their birthday with gifts that they would cherish for life. But deciding a special and unique birthday gift every year for people we love is quite a task!! Well, the best way to choose a perfect gift would be to plan ahead. Step yourself in the shoes of the person of honor. Think how much the person values you and what kind of gift would he/she be expecting from you. Now, look out for the gift with love. This little care that you put in will make one’s birthday truly special and memorial!

To help and inspire you a little more here are some Birthday Gift Ideas that have been neatly categorized into following sections:

Birthday Gifts Ideas for Kids
With children becoming more choosy and aware than ever before one needs to be extra careful when selecting birthday gifts for them. For grown up kids, toys and games would be the best option. But make sure you buy the latest ones as they may already be having the older version or model. If the gift is meant for girls, you also have the option of going in for hair accessory, fashion jewelry and jewelry boxes. Stationery items like pens, pencil box, coloring sets and diaries are other interesting Birthday Gift Ideas for Kids. Chocolates and Stuffed toys are of course an all time favorite of children of all ages.

For infants the range of Birthday Gifts is immense. One can choose from variety of utility baby sets like towels set, cosmetic sets, toy sets, utensil set etc. If price is not a constraint you may go in for cradles, prams, bassinets, walkers, silver utensils etc. Best Birthday Gift for children between 2-6 years would be educational toys, CD and balls. Trendy clothes can also be considered if you are sure about the size and choice of the kid.

Birthday Gift Ideas for Women
Women are very sentimental in nature so their Birthday Gifts must be selected love and care. The gifts you select for a woman friend must reflect that you have kept in mind her special taste and preference. The gift should be creatively packed and presented in a cordial way. Do something special that will touch her heart and soul. Remember the value of the gift is immaterial, it is the feeling attached to the gift that matters most to a woman.

On a lady’s birthday, you may gift things to pamper her person like hamper of cosmetics, perfumes and colognes. The best way to please a young woman on her birthday is to gift her a cuddly and a huggable teddy or stuffed animal. She may be having loads of them already but she would more than love to add one more to her collection.

Jewelry of course is a time tested evergreen Birthday Gift for women of all ages. If money is not a constraint than there is no limit but even in a low budget the options are wide as fashion jewellery is a rage amongst women these days. Necklace sets, choker sets, bracelets are a popular gifts in this category. Besides, you may also consider jewelry boxes that come in stunning designs these days.

Other popular Birthday gift choice for women includes accessories like beaded bags and stoles. You may also gift clothes if you are certain about her taste. Showpieces, decorative and photo frames can also be considered for ladies who love to decorate their homes with gifts of love.

Birthday Gift Idea for Men
Selecting Birthday Gifts for men is no easy task as the range is not as wide as it is for women. Nevertheless, with little thought and care a wonderful Birthday Gift can be decided. If you are close to the person, decide the gift according to his individual preference. Popular Birthday gifts for men include shirts, wallets, perfume, after-shave lotions, deodorants, neckties etc. With men becoming more style conscious today other gift that are popular amongst them include portfolio bags, electric shavers, I-pods and mobile phones. Jewelry items like bracelets, rings, and lockets are also a suitable gift idea for today’s metrosexual men.

For a man fond of reading ideal birthday gift would be books and subscription of his favorite magazines. Music cassettes and CDs can be considered for men fond of good music. Artifacts like paintings and ashtrays are a good idea for men with discerning tastes. Foodies would always appreciate chocolates and mithai hamper.

General Birthday Gift Idea
There are some general Birthday Gifts that would always be appreciated irrespective of sex and age of a person. These can help to complement the main gift and are extremely appropriate if you do not know the person closely. Popular generic birthday gifts include a bouquet of fresh flowers, cakes and hamper full of chocolates and cookies. Box of sweets and dry fruits can also be included in this category. Decorative items and showpieces are of course an all time favorite birthday gift.
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