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Birthday Celebration Ideas
Birthday is a special occasion for a person. Best friends and family members must make all efforts to celebrate the birthday in a manner that person feels important and loved. This is especially significant in case of kids who eagerly wait for their birthday throughout the year. But, even the grown ups enjoy being pampered and loved and would appreciate if someone holds a birthday party for them. In case you are planning to hold a party and thinking of some great Birthday Celebration Ideas here are some interesting tips and checklists to encourage and inspire you.

Surprise Birthday Party
Organizing a Surprise Birthday Party is a special and time-tested idea of birthday celebration. Organizer of the Surprise Party needs to be very discreet and careful. Invitees too must be requested to keep the secrecy. Celebrations must be planned according to the preference of the Birthday person and care should be taken to invite all his/her close friends. Food and decoration must also please the person of honor.

Having a theme Birthday Party adds joy to the occasion and make it an event to remember for life. A lot of planning has to be done to hold a theme party. Theme could be based on the hobbies and interest of a person or it could be based on an idea that would be fun to execute. In case of children, theme could also be based on their favorite cartoon or comic character. To make the idea work out plan the theme in advance. Guests should be informed about it in time so they could plan their semblance accordingly. You could also take ideas of your friends in this regard and decide on a theme that would comfortably be implemented by invitees.

Decorations are a significant part of Birthday Celebrations. It is only through decorations, that we can get a feel of celebration and joy. Decorations should be decided according to the theme of the party if there is any. Besides, major consideration to be kept in mind is whether the party will be indoors or outdoors. If the party is for children, decoration must be colorful and must include lots of balloons, cartoons and festoons. You may keep caps, crowns and masks for children to add more fun. Birthday parties for a senior person may have a little sober decoration of fresh or artificial flowers.

Including games help to make Birthday Celebrations lively and interactive. There should be a little variety in the games you select so that everybody finds one according to their interest. In children’s party games are musts. Lots of token prizes should be kept both for winners and losers. This is important as the party must be enjoyable to all and nobody should leave with the frustration of losing. Even in a seniors party there should be enjoyable games or dance activities.

Food, of course, is the most important part of any do. Special care should be taken to select a menu that will be appreciated by all. Menu for a children’s party should be different than the menu for grown ups birthday party. Caterer should be booked in advance to avoid last minute hassle. Decoration of the food table also plays an important part and attention should be paid to this aspect.

Video / Power Point Presentation
A special way to honor the birthday person is to make a video showing the life sketch of the person. You can show person/s birth photograph and growing up pictures. Include interview of friends and dear ones asking them to narrate one interesting event they shared with the birthday person. Likewise you may also present power point presentation. This will definitely make the person feel honored and loved. And don’t forget to click pictures and video graph the do that you organized.

Quotes on T-Shirt
All you need to implement this special idea is a T-shirt or a Sheet and some colourful permanent markers. Request the invitees to write a line for the birthday person and put their sign under it. This will make a memorable gift for the birthday person. Similarly, scrapbooks can also be prepared.

Picture Perfect Idea
The idea can work wonder in case you are celebrating landmark birthday like 25th or 50th birthday. All you need to do is request the invitees to bring old and special picture of them with the birthday person. This will make the Birthday celebrations joyful and recreate golden memories of the past.

Birthday Quiz
To make the birthday person feel a little more special a great idea would be to have a mini - quiz based on her life. You may ask the invitees to answer questions based on the life, likes and dislikes of the Birthday boy or girl.

Charitable Donation
If the Birthday person does not like to receive gifts invitees may be requested to donate to the charity. This will make Birthday Celebration a good cause.
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