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Bhai Dooj Celebrations
Bhai Dooj is a beautiful Indian festival that celebrates the eternal loving bond shared between brothers and sisters. Bhai Dooj celebrations are marked with sobriety and mirth. The ceremony of the festival is quite simple yet it is impregnated with lot of meaning and profound regards for the traditions set by forefathers. Celebrating the festival sisters apply tika on brother’s forehead and perform arti of him to pray for his long and happy life. Brothers in turn bless their sisters and pledge to protect them always.

As Bhai Dooj is celebrated on the last day of the five-day-long Diwali festival, the joys of the Festival of Light spill over to Bhai Dooj ceremony and people celebrate the festival with utmost delight.

Bhai Dooj Traditions
Traditionally, brothers visit their sisters to celebrate Bhai Dooj. To begin with, sisters invoke divine blessings and thereafter make brothers sit on an asana or chair. Sister then applies sacred red tika on brother’s forehead as a mark of protection. Some rice is also placed over the tika. She then performs arti of her brother with full sincerity and pray for his long life as she chants a mantra. Brother is given a sweet prasad and coconut at the end of the ceremony. In their turn, brothers bless sisters and promise to stand by them under all circumstances. Later, the whole family relishes the best of festive food prepared by sister. It may be noted that the traditions of the festival vary in different parts of the country due to cultural differences but spirit of the festival remains the same everywhere.

Exchange of Gifts
After performing Bhai Dooj rituals brother pamper their sisters with Bhai Phota Gifts or some cash. Sisters too take opportunity of the occasion and indulge brothers with loving gifts. Popular Bhai Dooj gifts include sweets, dry fruits, chocolates, show pieces, wrist watches, clothes etc. Gifts are also given to spouse and children of sibling to strengthen family ties. Exchange of gifts enhances the joy of Bhai Tika celebrations.

Sending Tika Online
Sisters who are unable to meet their brothers in person send tikka by means of post or through online shopping sites. A letter of good wishes is usually accompanied with the tika but in modern times people prefer to send Bhai Dooj e-cards that may be customized with ease and are available for free at most e-cards sites. Exchange of gifts is accomplished with a click of the mouse through online Bhai Dooj shopping sites.

Time to Relive Happy Moments
Taking opportunity of Bhai Dooj, brothers and sisters relive the happy moments they shared in childhood in harmonious festive atmosphere. Joys and sorrows in the present and plans for future are discussed by them as they get time to spend in togetherness. The simple ritual of Bhai Dooj goes a long way in strengthening family ties and uniting the siblings in unshakable bond of love and trust.

Bhai Dooj Gifts
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