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Anniversary Party Ideas
Anniversary is a very special occasion for any couple and it becomes all the more significant if it is a landmark anniversary like silver or golden wedding anniversary. The best way to greet the couple on their anniversary would be to plan a party for them. Given here are some Anniversary Party Ideas that might help you to plan and celebrate the anniversary party of your parents, friends and dear ones. You may also use these ideas to plan your own wedding anniversary.

Anniversary Party Planning Ideas
Ideally, planning for the anniversary party must begin days in advance. Party planner must chalk out all the details and define clearly how everything is going to be handled. If the work has to be delegated to others then that must be done beforehand to avoid confusion. Proper planning eases the work and makes the party an event to remember for life. Following points must be kept in mind while planning the party:
  • Party Type: Figure out what kind of party you want to hold and in case you are planning a party for parents or friends take their preferences into consideration. The party could be a big event where everyone is invited or it could be an informal family do where only close friend and relatives are invited.

  • Theme: Putting a theme to the party adds joy to the celebration. Decide the theme in such a manner that it becomes enjoyable for all. This becomes all the more important if you are planning an anniversary party for your parents.

  • Food: Food, of course, is the most important part of any party. Before selecting the menu keep in mind the taste of the people for whom you are throwing the party. Book the caterer in advance to avoid last minute confusion.

  • Venue: Choose a venue that will be comfortable to all. If you are planning an anniversary party for your parents you may book their favorite restaurant or destination. Decorate the venue according to the theme and taste of the special couple.

  • Invitation: Invite the guests in time so that they may keep themselves free for the party date. If you are planning a formal party the invitation can be simple and sober but it is an informal family get-together you may simply play with your imagination.

  • Videographer /Photographer: Assign a professional or take help of somebody in the family to take pictures or make a video film for the occasion. This will help you to cherish the beautiful occasion anytime you wish.
Anniversary Party Celebration Ideas:
An effort must be made to make the anniversary party different and special for the couple. The only way to do so would be to add a personal touch to the party by using little imagination and creativity. Given below are some ideas that would help you to make the party a very special day for the anniversary couple:
  • Video Films: The idea of delighting the special couple with a special video film on them is very much in vogue. This works wonder in an anniversary party planned for parents. A great idea would be to trace the life of the couple since they first met, dated and married. Landmark occasion like birth of children besides others could be shown with the help of pictures and commentary. Include in the video interviews of the couple’s friends, dear ones, children and grandchildren. Ask them to speak about their views on the couple and narrate a special moment they shared with them. You may put the anniversary couple’s favourite music in the background.

  • Display Family Pictures: Another interesting idea to celebrate anniversary would be display the couple’s special pictures. You may also prepare a souvenir with pictures and details of couple in case you are planning a landmark silver or golden anniversary.

  • Skits/Songs: For parent’s anniversary children and grandchildren may get together and prepare a comic skit or a family song in the party. This will definitely delight everyone present.

  • Games: To make the party more interesting do include games in the anniversary party. Select games that every one will be able to enjoy.

  • Wedding Ceremony: In case you are planning a landmark anniversary for parents a sweet way to celebrate would be to plan out a wedding ceremony for them in a traditional manner.
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